Kitchen Sink

I can love
and stand by the sink
and hold my breath
and keep my words unsaid
and I can let you be.

And I can stand away
and see you
in the cling wrap
that keeps you suffocating
and unable
to love me.

The virgin forest
of my loss
a million miles of pines
with no way home
just lay me down and die
in the soft sticky needles
of want.

Sometimes now
I remind myself
that I survived
and don’t need to feel
this desperate.

How nice for you
to find me waiting.
Did you smile
to feel my welcome arms
and heart
and just a giving love
that does not cling
and asks not for a thing
but you be you and I be me?

What I’ve learned
keeps me from
the kitchen sink.

After a twenty year silence, a staggering inspiration in the fall of 2008 compelled Sandy Day to write again. Sandy’s verse/fiction concordance will be published in the Spring of 2011.

Sandy lives in Toronto, Canada where she is always looking for ways to pay the piper!


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