Issue 1

Issue 1 is a combination in-print and online journal.

Issue 1 is a “get to know HAM” issue. We wanted to keep things intimate and for you to get a feel of what HAM is about and what sort of things we’re looking for.  We have works from Howie Good, mike Maher, Sandy Day, Betsy Birdsall, Ken Taylor, Sarah Greene, Jack Waters, J. Bradley, and more.

Table of Contents

Print Only

  • Song In Case of Fire by Howie Good
  • Regrets Only by Howie Good
  • My Mirages by mike Maher
  • Delaware River Ode by mike Maher
  • Someone Beautiful by Sandy Day
  • Mother 01 by Betsy Birdsall
  • leaving Amsterdam by Ken Taylor
  • Chase by Sarah Green
  • If I Were Going by J. Bradley
  • Gentleman by J. Bradley
  • Better Living by J. Bradley
  • Garden of Edentate by Jack Waters
  • First Shift by Chanel Dubofsky
  • Tanpopo by Forrest Roth
  • The Things Left Behind by William Henderson
  • Or Loco and Un- by Craig Eldon Reishus
  • Comfort/Leave by Travis Kurowski

Online Only


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