3/16/2011 – Link Roundup

You Think That’s Bad by Jim Shepard is reviewed over at Full Stop. I had the pleasure of reading it early thanks to The Rumpus Book Club and it probably made it onto my top ten list for short story collections.

His shorts are appealingly outlandish. They are epic. Shepard takes from history and history in the making, and the protagonists are beneficiaries of truth stranger than fiction. Culling from events including record-breaking mountaineers on a winter ascent and the ingenious special effects of Godzilla, the reader gets to lay modest claim to the awe-inspiring byway of our collective hero worship, myth-making, and shared tragedies.

The Last Photon by Brian Biswas over at Cafe Irreal, a story about gods and stars.

A roundup of The Pale King over at The Rumpus.

Granta has a poem by Hiromi Ito as part of its focus on Japanese writers.

The second review of The Pale King was posted at Esquire.

The last work of fiction by the greatest American writer of my generation is an incomplete and weirdly fractured pseudo memoir about the United States tax code and several employees of the Internal Revenue Service. The work is frustratingly difficult in places. It’s potholed throughout by narrative false starts and dead ends. Characters appear without introduction and disappear without cause. I often found myself putting the novel down, and I didn’t always want to pick it up again. Then I did. Because The Pale King, an unfinished manuscript that will be published this month by Little, Brown, is one of the saddest and most lovely books I’ve ever read.

Who doesn’t want a six pack holder for their bike?

Issue 20 of The Collagist is pretty awesome.

Our friends at Sea Giraffe Mag are accepting submissions for the Martius Contest.

The longlist for the Orange Prize was announced. Books longlisted include Room by Emma Donoghue, A Visit From the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan, Great House by Nicole Krauss, and The Tiger’s Wife by Téa Obreht.


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